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Wheeler Corporation Limited was founded in 1998. Starting with the production of watch glasses, our business has grown continiously and developed into one of the most competitive companies in the watch manufacturing industry. We focus on the needs, and wishes of our partners and strive to provide highest quality products for our customers. With our highly experienced fashion designers, and our R&D-engineers we have developed innovative and efficient processes, which lead to the opportunity to deliver premium quality products for prices far beaneath the the Market Value. This and our close relationships to our customers caused continous management and manufacturing improovements, which finally contributed to the positive feedbacks and the satisfaction of our customers. Nowadays our company is taking care of the delivery for many very famous brand watch providers all over the world.

Today we have a 7000sqm factory, with 300 employees on the production line as well as very qualified brand designers and a quality control team with decades of experience.

  1. To offer highest quality watches, we are equipped with professional testing rooms to ensure reliable and comprehensive quality testings, this includes tension, torsion, vibration, wear-resistance and high and low temperature testings as well as many other testing methods.

  2. As a matter of course we can exhibit different certifications such as the ISO9003 as well as BSCI and WMT FSC. Another proof of our professionality is the fact that we comply to the requirements of several renowned global watch Brands.

  3. With these companies we have developed a monthly manufacture capacity of:
    Alloy watches - 1 million pcs
    Stainless Steel watches - 0.5 million pcs
    Wood watches - 0.3 million pcs



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